mum-1Ros Richardson

Consultant Counsellor and Supervisor and Trainer, with a clinical background with comprehensive understanding of the commercial environment with extensive hands-on experience of the public and private sector.

An expert in behavioural and change management working with clinical and non-clinical teams and a skilled motivator in the empowerment of teams. I can provide training in Professional Boundaries, Stress Management, Bereavement and Trauma and Understanding Behaviour, One to one counselling, coaching and mentoring. Working closely with Henri Vale, I provide support, mentoring, counselling. Working with individuals or teams using the above skills. I have very much enjoyed working with Opus Health for the last few years.

Qualifications and appointments:
MBACP accred. U.K.R.C. FIW accred
Director of the Institute of Welfare
Associate of Opus Health

Portfolio Career
Current clients include the Houses of Parliament, House of Lords, National Portrait Gallery and Bre.
Plus Private Practice in Harley Street.

Dr Charlie Vivian OH Physician
Charlie Vivian is a consultant occupational physician, who has run his own occupational health consultancy since 2012. He provides OH services to a range of companies, in both the public and private sector. Much of his clinical work focusses on complex cases of long-term sickness, and assessments for ill health retirement. He provides OH advice and support to Opus Health, and undertakes case management review and supervision of complex cases and long term ill health with the Occupational Health Adviser at Opus Health.

Elspeth Howell Occupational Health Practitioner
Elspeth trained as a Registered Nurse at Guy’s Hospital in London where she was a Ward Sister for several years. In 1983 she moved on and specialised in work/health matters qualifying in Occupational Health in 1989. She has since gained extensive Occupational Health experience and a Diploma in Psychiatric Studies. She is now a practising Specialist Occupational Health Practitioner on Part 3 of the NMC register.

While Elspeth also runs her own Occupational Health business Quercus Occupational Health, based in Northampton, Quercus Occupational Health and Opus Health have worked together on many contracts and projects over the past 11 years.