Ros RichardsonRos Richardson
Consultant Counsellor, Supervisor and Trainer, with a clinical background and a comprehensive understanding of the commercial environment with extensive hands-on experience of the public and private sector. A very experienced counsellor, coach and mentor. An expert in behavioural and change management working with clinical and non-clinical teams, and a skilled motivator in the empowerment of teams. I can provide training in: 

  • Professional Boundaries
  • Stress Management
  • Bereavement and Trauma
  • Understanding Behaviour
  • How to have a Good Retirement
  • Emotional Resilience and Wellbeing.

Having worked in General Practice for over 20 years, I have a good understanding of all Mental Health conditions. I can supervise Mental Health First Aiders and offer add on training. Working closely with Henri Vale, I can provide support, mentoring, training and counselling, working with individuals or teams using the above skills. This can be delivered using

  • Zoom or clients proffered Virtual Platform
  • Telephone counselling or
  • Face to face counselling

I have very much enjoyed working with Opus Health for the last few years.

Qualifications and appointments:
Director and Fellow of the Institute of Welfare. Companion of Welfare
Associate of Opus Health.
Fellow of the Society of Bereavement Practitioners.

Portfolio Career
Current clients include:

  • Houses of Parliament
  • House of Lords
  • National Portrait Gallery
  • Building Research Establishment
  • Rail Safety and Standards Board
  • College of Harringay, Enfield and North East London

Dr Charlie Vivian OH Physician
Charlie Vivian is a consultant occupational physician, who has run his own occupational health consultancy since 2012. He provides OH services to a range of companies, in both the public and private sector. Much of his clinical work focusses on complex cases of long-term sickness, and assessments for ill health retirement. He provides OH advice and support to Opus Health, and undertakes case management review and supervision of complex cases and long term ill health with the Occupational Health Adviser at Opus Health.

Niall Trafford

Niall Trafford

Independent expert and executive coach using 30 years of leadership experience to individuals and teams to reach their potential, face the future and grow. I am currently helping businesses to focus on ESG, programme management, organisational design, international growth, and delivering more digitally. Having been professionally accredited by The Association for Coaching in early 2020, I have developed my practice with both individuals and groups in commercial businesses across a broad range of sectors.

My career at M&S gave me experience of being an HR manager, running stores, the Training Department, large scale change programmes and latterly as the Head of Store Design where we were responsible for a 400 store 12m sq ft store transformation programme that included developing sustainable solutions as part of Plan A.

At BRE, as COO and latterly CEO, I led a world leading, multi-disciplinary, building science centre with a mission to improve buildings and infrastructure through research and knowledge generation. At BRE I also created a digital software team and tools that grew to represent 30% of turnover in addition to growing an international business worth 40% of turnover. As President of BRE America and Chairman of BRE China, I led the company’s international expansions.

I am proud of having led and supported well-being and mental health initiatives, with the aim of creating a safer and happier environment for all.

My interest and commitment to coaching comes from a career long belief that everyone has considerable potential and can work towards realising and building on it. I also believe being a generous and empowering leader will engender teams that are motivated, confident, focused and well. A significant part of delivering on this belief is in investing time in the development, performance and well-being of teams and individuals

I view myself as a vehicle on which others can travel to a destination of their choosing. My aim is for my coachees to gain more mobility through the use of additional resources and strengthened optimism. As Viktor E. Frankl (1959) said “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”