Sickness & Absence

All organisations are subject to employees having periods of sickness absence. Using an effective absence reporting system enables early identification of employee absence. This ensures that employees are supported back to work and that they receive appropriate care to successfully achieve this. Absence is a line management responsibility; however, Opus Health can provide specialist occupational health advice and support to assist in the reduction of absence and the significant costs associated with it.

This can include

  • the development of an absence reporting system tailored to company requirements
  • to predict the possible length of absence and anticipated return to work date
  • to help with an early return to work through a period of rehabilitation and supervision where necessary, including advice on reasonable adjustments within the workplace
  • to liaise with medical practitioners/specialists for clinical information with consent
  • advice and reassurance to the individual in a welfare capacity
  • to recognise those employees requiring further referral and assistance with arrangement
  • provision of information about types of illness and trends associated with the industry and assistance towards prevention.

Absence Reporting System

Opus Health has developed an absence reporting system in association with Zebra Connections. Its aim is to ensure absence reporting from day 1 of any absence enabling early employee support and advice encouraging a speedy return to work.

Key benefits of the system include:

  • absence reporting from day 1
  • immediate notification of absence to management/Human Resources
  • early health advice to absent employee on management of their condition encouraging an early return to work
  • notification of non health issues to management
  • identification of short term frequent absence patterns
  • regular support by telephone for those with long term absence
  • accurate absence reporting
  • overall reduction in absence and associated costs